Association for the Advancement of Codes, Education and Standards
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Dallas, Texas 75238
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Privacy Policy:

Information provided to the Association for the Advancement of Codes, Education and Standards (A-ACES) for the purposes of registering for and participating in the classes and/or training courses we provide, will not be shared, sold, or provided to any private entity for sales, advertising, marketing, or research purposes.

However, we are recognized as a provider of vocational education. Additionally, we are approved as a provider of continuing education for licensed plumbers by the State of Texas. As an approved provider, we utilize software to collect and report information pertaining to the individuals who participate in our classes. This information is reported to the State of Texas and retained for their review.

We will comply with any appropriate request from a governmental entity to provide information regarding the attendance and material content of the classes and training courses we provide.

Nondiscriminatory Policy:

A-ACES will not discriminate against any person or prevent participation in our educational programs or services as a member, instructor or student, based on color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race and/or national or ethnic origin.

Return / Refund Policy:

Please review your schedule before paying by check or making on-line payments for our classes and/or training courses. We incur a cost to process payments for the classes we provide from the financial service providers we utilize. To avoid incurring any additional costs, we will not re-process any payments for returns and/or refunds. Instead, we will place you in the next regularly scheduled class, depending upon availability and class size.

Shipping Policy:

We currently ship the Continuing Education manual for the '20 -'21, '21 -'22 and '22 -'23 licensing cycles, to those individuals whose licenses have expired and are needing these previous book years to renew their license. We are now able to ship the most current required continuing education material (the '22 -'23) to any licensee not able to attend a class in person, per TSBPE Board Rules. We will ship by regular mail, which is included in the price quoted for the correspondence course. Shipping by regular mail will occur within three business days, from the time payment is received. Expedited shipping is available.

Returned Checks:

Individuals or entities who have paid by check which are returned for insufficient or the unavailability of funds, will be charged twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each time the check is refused for payment by the financial or banking institution.

If a check is returned, A-ACES will hold it for one week to secure payment from the issuing party, before it is re-submitted to the bank or financial institution for re-processing. We will pursue appropriate legal channels to secure payment, after these attempts have failed.

Customer Service Contacts:

Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm CST.
Phone #: (214) 221-3331