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Association for the Advancement of Codes, Education and Standards

Association for the Advancement of Codes, Education and Standards

Internet Links

We have assembled a group of internet links, that we have found to be most useful. These resources are available to be used as tools of our profession. Some of these links are far more useful than their name may indicate. Try them out. The conversion formulas link, under Useful Links can come in quite handy. This is one you would easily skip over. If you have suggestions for links or need to notify us to update a specific link of interest, our general e-mail for the association is:

Regulatory Agencies
Continuing Ed Providers
Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas (APHCCT) (800) 992-7422
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
Plumbers Continuing Education, Inc. - Bobby Doran (800) 445-1768
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Kurten, Johnny (877) 497-5311
Jerome Mendias, Sr., Construction & Plumbing Education (844) 406-9436
Texas Department of Health
Pemberton, Guy (866) 481-8080
RailRoad Commission of Texas
Pioneer Educational Services (866) 786-4961

Conger Construction Services (844) 559-6701

Texas Pipe Trades (800) 891-8900

TX Plumbing, A/C & Mechanical Contractors Assoc (PAMCA) (866) 726-2233

Wark, Jay - Plumber Trainer (855) 899-0730

Winns (877) 563-2284
Industry Associations
Useful Links
Texas State Association of Plumbing Inspectors
Official City Sites
National Fire Protection Association
The official U. S. time
International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
State of Texas
International Code Council
Landscape Irrigation Tutorial
United Association
Greywater Irrigation
The Associated Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Texas
Easily convert any Value or Measurement
American Society of Sanitary Engineering
NSF International
Plumbing & Mechanical Code Officials of North Texas
Underwriters Labratories
American Society of Plumbing Engineers - DFW
Copper Development Association
Texas Air Conditioning Contractors Association
Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute
Mechanical Contractors Association of America, Inc.
PHCC of North Texas
National Drivers License Data Base

Cross Connection Control Institute (Steve Fain)

Gas Line Safety (Brennen Teel Foundation)
Just for Fun
Free round of Golf from A-ACES
Enjoy the Fireworks
The Wish List
Shuffle Board for the old farts
Silent Water
Hold the Rope
Shoot 'em up Cowboy
The Pond
Egg Toss
3 Monkeys
Milk the Cows
Snow Bowling
Snowball Fight with Elf & Friends
Dexterity Puzzle
Homeruns with Penguins
Deal or No Deal